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key watcher management systemLuxury Residences Rely on Managed Key Control for Enhanced Security

Property management firms using key control and management systems say they are finding increased convenience for their residents and enhanced security for the properties. High tech key cabinets automatically record the access history of each key, including user, date and time of key access/return. The system releases assigned keys only to users with the proper authorization and cannot be manipulated or easily tampered with. Authorized users can access keys for which they have been pre-programmed to use by entering their PIN code and/or biometric identification. If the criteria entered matches the information stored in the system data base, the key cabinet will unlock and the necessary key can be removed or returned.

By controlling access to the keys and knowing when they were accessed and by whom, building management – and ultimately the residents — is provided with an additional level of security.

With the success and popularity of key control systems in a luxury condo environment, solutions have been expanded to include other items to which access needs to be stored and controlled. Devices such as radios, cell phones, hand-held computers, etc., that are used by different personnel through the course of any given day are also both expensive and represent potential security breaches if stolen or misplaced. Configurable locker systems, easily added to an existing key control cabinet, provide the ideal solution for securely storing these items.

Condos and other apartment buildings do not have to be "luxury" in style to realize the benefits of a managed key control system. Today's flexible key control systems can be readily implemented in buildings of every size and nature to offer an easy way to increase security and control

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