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Key Watcher Management System Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions

Is a service/maintenance contract required?

Key Control Systems is one of the few companies that does NOT require a service/maintenance contract

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How long is the warranty on the KeyWatcher System?

The initial warranty covers parts and labor for a period of two (2) years. An additional warranty can be purchased for one or more years.

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In the event of a system malfunction, is there a manual override to remove key sets?

The KeyWatcher is one of the few systems that provides a method to manually override the system to release key sets if the system is not responding.

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Can you release keys from a remote computer?

Yes, you can perform all functions of the KeyWatcher, provided that the proper security codes are used.

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Can the software be configured to automaticaly download transactions to the computer at a designated time of day?

Yes, the transactions can be automatically downloaded. An operator can configure each KeyWatcher to be queried by a user determined frequency as follows:
  • Online, as transactions occur
  • Periodic, number of minutes
  • Daily, at a specified time
  • Weekly, specified day of week and time of day
  • Monthly, specified date each month and time of day
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What types of alarms are available?

The KeyWatcher provides an alarm for the following conditions:
  • Overdue keys
  • Illegal Entry
  • Key Return Violation
  • Illegal Acces
  • Invalid Key
  • Door left open
  • AC Power loss
  • Key Reservation Alarm
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When I return keys to the system, do they need to be placed in a specific location?

The random key return feature allows the user to return the key to any open locations within the cabinet. This makes it easier for the user who is returning the key and also protects sensitive keys from pattern location placement. However, if you prefer to require each key set to be returned to a specific location you can order the optional "non-random" key return feature.

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