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In the past few years, key control and asset management systems have become a requirement throughout a broad spectrum of vertical markets including corporate, government, correctional facilities, healthcare and educational markets to name just a few. One of the enabling factors for this is the ability to manage all programming, remote functions and reports for the system with a software-driven solution. Both access control systems and customized client control software can interface with the application.

Similar in concept to popular access control systems, the PC-based package of key management software and server helps make day-to-day operations and activities easier and more fluid. Users can be added from a global list and all specific settings (added or modified), will be automatically synchronized across the system. Profiles can be assigned for improved user control and administrative access levels are designed to be tailored to specific needs such as reports only or alarms only. Requested reports generated by the software are available in landscape or portrait format with color interspaced lines for easier reading.

Security personnel can generate practical management reports which trace key movements by time, date and user code as well as audit reports that track keys in use and overdue keys; inconsistent key usage; and database listings that show how the system is programmed. Built-in schedulers can be programmed to automatically download all data to a secure PC as required by the user, including online as transactions occur; periodically; daily at a specified time; weekly with specified day and time; or monthly with specified day and time. With this capability, management can better sort and analyze information to maintain maximum control of access and security issues.

Regulating permission and streamlining reports are only two of the many benefits available with key management data software. Using key control software management solutions makes tracking large quantities of keys manageable.

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