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Key Management

Tamper Proof Technology Adds Convenience and Security to Key Control

Today's automated key control and asset management systems are designed for user friendly convenience. Easy to read displays with touch-screen technology, step by step instructions, large buttons and illuminated key slots to quickly identify selected keys are just some of the features available in a key control system. Keys can be conveniently returned to any open location in the cabinet and the system will note the new location for that individual key. Access history for each key is recorded, so you always know who has which key and when it was taken.

A design feature that makes a key control solution more secure is the locking mechanism that attaches to each key. Electronically monitored, color-coded and virtually tamper-proof, these stainless steel locking mechanisms communicate directly with the key control system. An ID microchip in each locking device limits access to authorized users only and stores data each time a key is accessed. Users can only access keys from the cabinets with a correct user code.

The color coding scheme allows specific keys to be grouped together or, alternately, randomly secured in the cabinet and easily identified by color. For example, in a multi-unit housing development, any keys attached to a red colored locking device could be designated for maintenance staff only; keys attached to a blue colored device for grounds keeping crew and so on.

In addition to securing single keys, the locking mechanisms can be used with key rings that hold large numbers of keys. Key rings that are designed specifically for use with automated key control systems allow the replacement or addition of keys quickly and easily without the need to cut the key ring apart. For added convenience and security, the key rings feature serialized/color-coded hubs to identify rings and prevent substitution.

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